Container – Final Checklist

Weekend Update: Triumphs and Trials of a Farming Weekend

Container – Finalizing the Checklist! 

Weekend Update: Triumphs and Trials of a Farming Weekend

This weekend at Oasis Orchard and Farm was nothing short of thrilling as we delved into the workings of our container farm. Excitement buzzed in the air as we tackled each item on our checklist, bringing us one step closer to seeing our vision come to life.

Our water filtration system is finally installed!!! This essential addition ensures that only pristine, filtered water is introduced into the container for our plants. We believe in providing the best possible environment for our crops to thrive, and the filtration system plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

The water was successfully attached to the container, and we meticulously worked through the checklist—calibrating sensors, adding water, recirculating, and draining the pumps. The goal? Ensuring every component functioned seamlessly with no leaks. The meticulous attention to detail was both exciting and crucial to the success of our venture.

However, as with any undertaking, our weekend had its share of unexpected challenges. A temporary power outage threw a curveball, leaving us unable to work within the container for several hours. Our resilience prevailed, and once electricity was restored, we faced another hurdle—getting the software system online for full control of the container’s functionality.

Despite these setbacks, we persevered, and the weekend ended on a high note with a successful and highly productive outcome. With the container now in optimal condition, our next milestone is initiating our first crop plan and witnessing the inaugural round of growth. Stay tuned for the next chapter as we sow the seeds for a bountiful future.

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