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  • Deep Purple Onions

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    Rich reddish purple.

    A red bunching type that is highly colored at any temperature. For spring or summer sowing, with good bolting tolerance for overwintering.

  • Nabechan Onions

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    Exclusive! Better flavor than other bunching onions.

    Sweeter, more complex flavor. Upright plants with long, thick shanks. Resists leaf-curl and bulbing in hot weather. Nabechan is a traditional Japanese type grown for its high quality. Can also be grown like a leek to create a unique, large scallion known as “Negi” in Japan. For Negi-style scallions, see the “Growing Information” tab below for detailed instructions.

  • Staro Chives

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    Heaviest leaf for processing and freezing.

    Best for markets demanding a thicker leaf for freezing, drying, or fresh use.

    • Edible Flowers: Pull the florets apart and sprinkle on salads, dips, sauces, soups, stir-fries, and pizza. Great as an addition to potato salad. Flavor is of mild, sweet onion.