Root Veggies

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  • Atlas Carrot

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    Small round Parisian Market type.

    A great variety for shallow soils for its small, 1 1/2–2″ diameter root. Good flavor and root uniformity. Stronger resistance to splitting than others of this type. Tops are short but strong for easy bunching. NOTE: For round roots, be sure to provide even moisture. Drought stress will result in an elongated shape.

  • Hirosaki Red Turnips

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    Our recommended sub for Scarlet Queen Red Stems.

    An early red salad turnip. Compared to Scarlet Queen Red Stems, Hirosaki Red matures earlier and has a slightly rounder and spicier root.

  • Nelson Radishes

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    A more refined French Breakfast type.

    Straight, candy-red roots resist pithiness better than other long French types. Compared to D’Avignon and French Breakfast, roots are shorter, wider, and show less white on the tips. Responds better to tight spacing. Improved top strength.

  • Red Ace Beets

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    Workhorse standard red beet.

    Reliable, adaptable, and fast-maturing beet with strong tops. Sweet and tender, even when older. Medium-tall, red-veined greens for bunching. Also available with NOP-compliant pelleting. Avg. 36,800 seeds/lb. Packet: 350 seeds.

  • Rover Radishes

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    Extra-early and refined.

    Rover matures very early, holds well in the field, and produces fewer oval radishes under heat stress than other varieties. Extremely uniform and attractive. Roots are smooth and dark red with crisp, white flesh. Very widely adapted. Our most refined red radish.

  • Watermelon Radishes

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    “Watermelon” radish for fresh eating and fermenting.

    Large 2–4″ (depending on harvest date), round radishes with unique, dark pink flesh. Large tops. Remarkably sweet, delicious taste. Great for pickling, fermenting, or winter salads. Thin to 4″ apart. Stores until early spring when kept at recommended storage conditions. Excellent fresh, grated, or cubed, and made into winter salads.